Social QR Codes

Social networking has become a huge phenomenon. Members use these websites as a way to connect and communicate with other people. People can connect with their neighbors, co-workers or people from all over the world with just a click of a button. They share thoughts, invite others to events, advertise campaigns and even products. Approximately 800 million people are subscribed to the social network Facebook, 200 million with Twitter and about 120 million with Linkedin. This adds up to over 1 billion social network users. As with other forms of advertising, QR codes have also entered the social networking world. Social QR codes are quick response codes that work like any other QR code, only they link to a specific social networking website or user-page. The functions are endless! Anything that can be performed on a social networking website, can essentially be made simpler by turning it into a social QR code. There are a large majority of free QR code generators that also give the option of creating social QR codes. QR code generators make the process very simple. After filling out a small amount of information, anyone can have their own social QR code. Social QR codes can be placed on just about any object, but are gaining popularity as displays on t-shirts and in business ads. 

  • Social QR codes can be linked to automatically ‘like’ Facebook pages.
  • Add a friend on all three most popular social networking websites.
  • Add comments to a social networking page instantly.
  • Invite friends to events.
  • Receive R.S.V.P. information to events.
  • Link directly to a specific YouTube video.
  • Quickly connect consumers to a company’s social networking page.

SocialQRCode: A QR code generator that generates QR codes connected to Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter ‘tweets’.

YouScan.Me: A QR code generator used for personal use, in combination with all of the popular social networking websites. 

SocialSharing: A guide to sharing social information through the use of QR Codes.