All about QR Codes

QR Codes is an abbreviated term which stands for ‘quick response codes’. Quick response codes have been in development for years but were not actually created until 1994 by the Toyota automobile company. Originally, they were created for use during the manufacturing process as traditional barcodes, consisting of labels and stickers with only a few spaces available to store data, were often damaged during manufacturing. If the label or sticker was damaged due to the use of chemicals in manufacturing, the vehicle part was easily misplaced or left out of inventory which caused a lot of problems within companies. Since the first use of quick response codes, they have become a technological craze. Their popularity in advertising and marketing industries have exploded. With the increase in popularity, there has been an increase in software and equipment to scan the quick response codes. The technology has become so popular that most newly developed cellular phones of the Smartphone variety, now feature built-in quick response scanners or the option to very easily download and install the equipment needed in order to read the QR codes. The use of QR codes has been proven to save companies and businesses money in the advertising field and has given customers a whole new way to access information quickly and conveniently. The uses of QR codes are exploding and can be found just about anywhere in the world today. The history of quick response codes, their uses and the varieties of QR codes are important to predicting the future for the technology of quick response codes. It appears, however, that quick response codes are here to stay in marketing and advertising industries and will rapidly gain popularity as Smartphone technology increases and quick response code scanners are more readily available for the rest of the world.