QR Codes in Retail

The most popular use of QR codes is in the retail industry. They are used to advertise products that are for sale and also as a way of providing further information about a product to user’s in order to peak their interest and ensure that they will be informed about the product that they will potentially purchase. Often times retail locations will place QR codes on posters or promotional signs. This is a good way to promote sales as well as coupons. Most retail stores now also accept digital coupons when they are shown through a smart phone so this is also a great way to keep track of current coupons without having to have a large stack of coupons to go through at each store you visit. Grocery stores often place quick response codes on food packaging. The retail QR code information tends to vary, sometimes the QR code will automatically pop up information about recipes for that specific ingredient, with a list of other ingredients to purchase. Other times the food packaging quick response code will link to additional nutritional information that is not mentioned on the back of the package. Both of these methods are extremely helpful to a person shopping in a hurry. The retail industry also uses QR codes to give customer’s a quick and simple way of keeping track of store information. Some stores have QR codes that automatically save a store’s phone number in the contact portion of the user’s phone. All of these methods of retail QR codes are very helpful to customers.