QR Codes in Real Estate

One of the newest areas of use for quick response codes is in the Real Estate industry. Often times QR codes are placed on ‘For Sale’ signs as a way of providing further information about a property to potential buyers, without the buyer having to contact the realtor to ask questions about basic property details. This saves both realtors and potential buyers time, as the realtors do not have to worry about providing simple information to people whom may quickly become uninterested after hearing that a property only has three bedrooms when they are looking for four, or if they were to read about the square footage of the home and realize that it is simply more than they are looking for. Specific dates and times for open houses to view a property are often shown in addition to basic property information. This gives realtors more time to pursue clients whom are interested in properties which brings them closer to making a sale. Using QR real estate codes also saves the real estate company money. Without the need to print up a large amount of fliers with property information, the company can focus on passing the savings onto their clients which in turn benefits everyone involved in the process.

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