QR Code Software & QR Code Apps

Quick response codes are still a relatively new technology, having been created in 1994 and only recently gaining popularity in marketing and advertising campaigns. You may have seen QR codes on billboards, magazines or on business cards but have been unsure of how to go about using them. This is not an uncommon predicament and many are not even aware of the equipment required to read the codes. Most commonly, a smart phone is used to scan a quick response code and receive the embedded information. The way a QR code is scanned depends on the type of smart phone a person possesses. Some smart phone have built-in QR code software and apps, while others may require additional qr code apps or qr code software downloads to enable scanning of QR codes. 

Scanning QR Codes with an iPhone

One of the most popular phones in today’s society is the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone, usually requires an additional download in order to effectively scan barcodes, such as QR codes. A QR code scanner application is an application that gives a phone the proper updated technology to handle scanning. For an iPhone, these applications can be found through Apple’s App Store, iTunes. There are free application downloads but many of them do require that the user pay a small one-time fee to enable the scanning feature with their iPhone. The download process is extremely simple and instantly allows the user to begin scanning QR codes. Once the software application is downloaded all a user needs to do is ensure that the application is running and then take a picture of the QR code with their phone’s camera. The software will instantly recognize the picture as a QR code and pop up the information that is associated with the QR code. 

Scanning QR Codes with an Andriod

Andriod smart phone users generally do not require any download or special software to scan a QR code. This is because Andriod platform phones have a built-in barcode scanner, which is essentially free QR code software. The user does have to ensure that the feature is enabled on their phone first, however. Once the scanner is enabled, scanning QR codes with an Andriod is as simple as taking a photo. As with the all smart phones with the ability to scan barcodes, the phone will recognize the QR code on its own without any further actions from the user. 

Scanning QR Codes with a Blackberry

There are a variety of versions of Blackberry’s out there and some feature built-in barcode scanners those with Blackberry Messenger 5.0 software or higher, but those with earlier versions of Blackberry messenger software, usually need to install an application to enable the phone to recognize QR codes. If the Blackberry has a built-in feature, it will function much like the Andriod phone. The software will most likely need to be enabled before use and then will recognize barcodes without any effort on behalf of the user, aside from taking a photo of the QR code. If the software is not built-in to the Blackberry, there are multiple applications that enable the scanning feature. These applications can be found in the Blackberry App World. Downloading the scanning application takes little time and will then scan barcodes instantly, following a photo of a QR code being taken. 

Regardless of which smart phone a user prefers to use, the process of scanning QR codes and reading the linked information is fairly simple. Aside from an initial qr code software download on your smartphone, there is little effort to scanning a QR code. Once a QR code is located, a photo is taken of the code with all smart phones. The photo must be clear and focused and used with a QR code app enabled. Once this is done, the phone does the rest of the work and the user is instantly presented with the information that is stored within the quick response code.