QR Code Analytics

Forms of advertising often have ways of tracking their progress. QR codes are no different. Most companies that use QR codes as a form of promoting business and interest, use qr code tracking to understand how successful their method of marketing is. This is referred to as QR code analytics. Many QR code generators offer the optional method of providing offline QR code analytics. This is done by creating a specific URL for each user that scans a business’s QR code . The URL then gathers information on the user that is scanning the code. This includes the time that the code was scanned, the user’s location and the model of smart phone that was used to scan the QR code. The information is collected individually at the time of the QR code scan and is then compiled into a large source of data that compares when, where and how the QR code was scanned. Businesses can view this information, daily, weekly or yearly, to see how successful their offline QR code advertising has been. These analytics can help a great deal when a company is planning marketing strategies. For instance, if one particular location has had the vast majority of QR code scans, the company may decide to spend more money on advertising in this location as it appears to be most popular and effective. This can also work in an opposite manner, if one location is getting a lot of QR code scans, a company may choose to spend more money advertising in other locations versus the one that already appears popular to the public. QR Code Analytic software does come with a price tag which is often pretty inexpensive though prices will vary based upon the specific software used and the features it possesses.