Places QR Codes

A lot of maps are now featuring QR codes as a way to provide additional information to users about the location they are in. A place with a QR code can be scanned and then the quick response code can provide historical data, GPS information or shopping information. All of this information goes directly to your phone, with no more effort than taking a picture of the quick response code with a smart phone that is equipped with a quick response scanner or reader. Museums are well-known for adding quick response codes to areas of their building to give a description of the exhibits within the department. This has been highly successful with museum goers. Businesses are also beginning to place QR code stickers on windows of their building. These QR code stickers give information about the business itself and sometimes even details about the city the business is located in. Geo-tags have become a new craze with QR codes and location. A geo-code is simply a fancy term for saying that an area’s latitude and longitude location is connected to a tag. It can be interesting to know exactly where you are standing latitude and longitude wise on the Earth, in comparison to major landmarks or countries. Overall, using place’s QR codes can be a fun way to learn about different areas throughout your city, or even your country!