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Near Field Communication- NFC

What is Near Field Communication?

Near Field Communication, otherwise referred to as NFC, is a method used to simplify the process of exchanging data, wireless connections, digital content and other transactions. This is done with electronic devices and can be completed with little more than the touch of a few buttons, assuming the electronic devices are within a few centimeters generally no more than 4 of each other at the time the transfer is occurring. Extremely short ranged radio wave technology is behind the functionality of near field communication. NFC is still a relatively new concept in technology however it is constantly gaining popularity and will surely gain a following once the technology is introduced to popular technologies such as the iPhone and the iPad, which is a merge expected to take place this year. Credit card companies are also showing a large amount of interest in Near Field Communication as many of the devices equipped with NFC technology allow users to instantly make payments or conduct transactions through their devices in a matter of seconds. Near Field Communication seems as if it may be the way of the future.

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