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The Importance of QR Codes

Quick response codes have uses in just about every industry in today’s world. They are used in retail, advertising, marketing, real estate, restaurants and just about everything in between. They can be located in every day circumstances and locations and have exploded in popularity in the past few years, despite their development in 1994. They can hold much more information than a traditional barcode and are easily scanned with technology found in popular Smartphones of today. Because of this, they have become popular with the general public. Advertisers have found QR codes to be a quick and inexpensive method of teaching potential clients about their products and even businesses in some instances. They are also popular for small businesses, including home based businesses as they can be created and generated very inexpensively or in most cases, for free. The information can link to a variety of sources from webpages, e-mail contacts, phone numbers and even videos. This makes the contact information easily saved to a cellular phone which makes it much more likely that a person will have the information they need on hand when they require the services that are provided by the business or product. With the variety of information that can be shared for a very low cost, it is no wonder the technology behind quick response codes is rapidly expanding. It is expected that in the coming years, the use of quick response codes will launch modern day society into a whole new technological age.