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2D Code

A 2D barcode is also commonly referred to as a matrix code. They represent data in a two dimensional format and tend to represent much more data than their one dimensional counterpart. 2D barcodes are capable of storing information both horizontally and vertically which gives them an advantage over other types of barcodes, as they can hold data in both directions without effecting the standard design of the 2d barcode. Generally they can store up to about 7,000 characters of data, whereas the one dimensional traditional barcode can only hold about 20 characters of information. Matrix codes are most commonly being used as quick response codes these days. They have become extremely popular in the marketing and advertising industry as they can be read by just about any person who owns a smart phone with a 2D barcode reader. In addition to marketing and advertising, many people have also taken to using 2D barcodes for personal uses such as social networking. QR coding involving social networking allows users to automatically add a person with personal QR code to their social networking site. 2D barcodes are most likely the most popular form of barcode at the moment though the most commonly used is still the 1D standard barcode as they are featured on just about every product in the retail industry. 

What is a 2D Barcode?

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What are 2D Barcodes?